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tv   Assignment 7  ABC  September 11, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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hi, welcome to assignment 7. today on our program. your trash could fulfill your need for the next flight out of town, plus.... >> we'll take you to the philippines where the
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researchers went on most ambitious, pe digs ever. and software to stimulate the brain. payoff is having in the classroom. >> the first oakland police officers are better to prepared to deal with animals. the police chief has one of the first training courses of its kind. alan wang reports. >> when a young deer ran into backyard in may of last year, they believed this was their only option. [ gun shots ] >> they didn't have to do that. they could have thought of something else, right? >> when oakland police officers answered a burglar army five months later they shot the family dog gloria. >> did you have to go to the revolver first? was their pepper spray or taser. >> many times i have been chased out of the backyard and the dog
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would attack and i would have to hopoe the fence. >> one year after the dog and deer incident, the spca developed a course on animal encounters and he launched the first training class. >> if you come upon a deer or anything else, if can get up and go, let it go. >> officers are learning to use their baton, pepper spray, fire extinguishers and in some case. tasers. >> that will be a dog you don't want to mess with. >> they teach officers how to deal with dogs. >> the east bay spca found that most police officers who use unnecessary lethal force did not have pets as children and were uncomfortable around animals as adults. officers are taught that dogs speak with their bodies, most
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will growl at intruders but eventually will back down. however, as you see in this training video offensive dogs will give a hard stare. >> he is going to bife. not just the smelling but rolling the lips and the ears. >> in some cases a police encounter with a pet high school led to a legal fight. >> lawsuits are more prevalent by folks who have had pets shot by officers and being warned. they are taking a look at pets as family members. >> the city of richmond recently paid out more than $700,000 in wrongful pet death settlements. that is why the east bay spca says police departments across the country are asking them about their training program. >> the spca has stepped up. taught a lot about animal behaviors. i think its plus for us. alternative jet fuel approved for commercial aviation use in this country will be
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produced at a gilroy plant. heather ishimaru explains. >> your trash could soon be fueling your plane leaving from any one of the three major bay area airports. 11 airlines including american, united continental and fed ex have signed letters of intent to buy an alternative jet fuel made from urban waste. it will be made by bioengineering company selena at a gilroy plant that is yet to be built. the ceo spoke with us from the paris air show viar skype. he emphasizes it uses readily available materials. >> you don't need to grow millions of acres of crop to generate the fuel. >> bio-mass jet fuel planted will converted 500,000 tops of waste into 16 million gallons of you'll perfect year.
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it will not require any changes in the airport or plane. >> it's drop in fuel. they can drop it in into the jets without having to change engines or storage facilities. >> you got start somewhere. >> air transport association says the airlines wanted to increase competition, have greener choices and increase security but don't expect crude oil based fuel to spaer anytime soon soon. >> not in my lifetime. we inspire to do that many decades from now. the key is we shouldn't let the challenges replacing all of our fuel overnight keep us from making small dents. >> heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news." if you have ever had to learn a second lands, you know it's not easy. they have -- second language, you know it's not easy.
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>> lyanne melendez has the story. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> these students were once considered english language learners, now they are part of the mix fluent like any other kid born here. west unified school district makes it a big deal. >> congratulations, first place. >> they teach spanish at home but you have to work hard. >> as part of the process wrote a paper about. i want to do it. but i want to help latino and american people. >> or students wrote about it that helped them learn the
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language. >> fortunately she got help from a friend at school that also spoke portuguese. >> i didn't know how to pronounce it. >> that friend named is a mantsz that was by her side at the ceremony. there is a are 10,000 english learners in the district. this year 900 exited the program. they had to be tested in english language proficiency and score well into the english language arts cores and other tests. >> susan dunlap is with the school district. >> at the same time they had to learn their grade level content their new language. that is not easy feat. >> they also acknowledge the work parents put in toward the education. >> this student is from nigeria
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and the parents moved to quasi to help further her education. >> i hope to be like them when i grow up. >> its great kheesmtd for any student and a proud moment for all parents. in are richmond, lyanne melendez "abc 7 news." >> still ahead, an expedition. we'll take you along as researchers from the california academy of sciences discover hundreds of new species at land and sea in the philippines. [ indistinct conversation ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. bread-swiping good. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why we pick vegetables at their peak. ...and freeze them fast, locking in nutrients
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...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant
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welcome back. despite the success of of missie carrying drone aircraft the next generation of fighter planes will still need a pilot and they will need to be able to quickly find and process information. one company is helping them do just that, by putting on hell method. eric thomas explains.
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♪ >> reporter: 25 years ago when the f-14 fighter and tom cruise's hair cut was state of the art, everything was projected on heads up display. >> it was very useful but you had to be looking straight ahead. >> flash forward to today when for the first name decades the pentagon's newest fighter won't even have a heads-up display. >> there is an information center. within the cockpit and what we do we now make that information flow directly to the pilot's eyes so you never have to look inside. >> san jose based vision systems international has made helmet mound information centers for 15 years. the one i'm wearing is for the new f-18 fighter. you can turn your head in any direction for radar tracking,
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air speed projected right on the viser. but this woon swoon quantum leap ahead. >> he can pull up radar image and other information, he can freeze that and get point in space. >> translated into english, do you remember the computer in the movie minority report, they moved the images around with their hands and freeze them and come back to them. with the helmet the pilot can do much the same with his eyes, including lock go on to an enemy fighter and fire a missile. >> the system costs $140,000. since the air force, navy and marine corps are all buying the airplane that could mean significant numbers sold, but the success of unmanned drone aircraft with a future with few and maybe no manned fighters. >> everybody says, this will be the last manned fighter aircraft
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for the foreseeable future. we have applications for helmets for even drone use. >> eric , "abc 7 news." researchers from the california academy sciences believe they have discovered 300 new species of plants and animals. they made it on expedition to the philippines and our cameras went along. dan ashley has more. >> reporter: dive after dive,, y scientists and their colleagues joined forces for more a month. the mission is to find and document life of all sizes and shapes on luzon. >> there isn't a dive i have made here where i haven't seen something unexpected and something new. >> expedition was led by terry gosslinger but terry in this
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underwater video. the money was a gift from march get gret and will hear td. they estimated 90% of all life on earth has not been discovered and many unknown treasures are believed to be in places like this, the philippines. >> it has tropical frsz and high mountains down to coral reefs which are the richest in the world. >> a lot of zoovs on this trip were underwater bike colorful sea slugs and swell sharks. scientists found them more than 1500 feet deep. >> to find a new species of shark is a rare event. >> this is believed to be a new species of sea plant. lantt a plant or animal because it feeds on other animals. it's like an anemenea or corals. some are grad students and some
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are taught in the field full of excitement of the chase. >> it is foon but it's still serious science. they will examine new species and confirm new species and find potential uses of the future. >> some of the slugs i study in the ocean are being study today develop new drugs to fight hiv, aids and cancer. >> scientists also hope their research will help the philippines protect their rich natural resources which is under constant threat from pollution and habitat destruction. they say they welcome the collaboration. >> it's the diversity of what we have here. for a large group of scientists and realizing what they have.
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>> dan ashley, "abc 7 news." when we continue, software to stimulate the brain and how it's helping bay area students improve their reading skills. >> we have a blockbuster gift card? i had have
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unede@ur couówntry.
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8 memomrial in new york city, "1@ r@gxp# 8@t we ask that you joins s to hono remeer, , and reuntehq. you caheplpigd5hnojow byexting t word m"hopáe to 80088 gçive 08g an oakland elementary school is excited about the reading game made by students over the past year. the principal credits the use of a brain software but with a difference. carolyn johnson takes a look at the software developed here in the bay area. >> these elementary students at discovery academy in oakland are working on fast forward, software designed to strengthen brain processing. >> i looked at research, on paper it looked exciting. >> principal charles wilson liked building neural path ways
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to the brain. so he made the fashion forward program available to nearly half his students this past year before and after school. he saw read can test gains of a year and a half from where they started. >> you don't ty see that kind of gain. these are kids, they have a continued history of not being able to catch up. it's not the kids' fault. it's the systems' fault. >> fast forward was created by an oakland based scientific learning which turned decades of r into practical application for children. >> we wanted an intense active learning experience that was adaptive and feedback, lots of learning for learning and it was regular and happened every day. >> at least two studies tracked the impacted for with children that struggled with reading.
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this shows neuron activity compared to one with dyslexia on the right.the dix dyslexic groud physical changes. >> that for these changes, their brains were operating more like typically developing readers. >> it's research that appealed to lisa merit ho whose daughter struggled with reading. >> it sounded like would hopefully put her back on track and hit the areas she needed help in. >> it runs about $1500 and requires a 30-minute commitment every day five days a week. >> kids get on screen regards for right answers and cash them in for publicizes. >> it's money and regards. that really was super good for us.
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>> still, it can be tough. >> these programs are hard work. >> scientific learning william jenkins equates it to exercise for the brain. there are a lot of things you do to go to the gym, but sometimes that is boring, as well. >> for those that are able to stick with it the results can be impressive. after 60 days of fast forward, allowed yeah's reading scores have jump more than a year and more importantly she wants to read. >> now? >> now i like read. i read out loud in my classroom. >> carolyn johnson, "abc 7 news." >> gifted cards can be a good deal as long as businesses take
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them but what do you do if a store says no? >> carolyn wood land received this gift dprard a next-door neighbor. it didn't pay off on when she tried to cash in. >> the man said we don't take them anymore. he a sign on the counter and he turned it around so i could coud that the apparently they had been bought out by dish and they were not accepting the gift cards anymore. >> this is the st s store she went to and the gift card is front and from. they are making sure it's not worth the plastic it is printed on. >> the worst thing the announcement came two weeks before the gift cards were going to be dishonored. so consumer00 a little time to cash them out and announcement wasn't publicly sized. >> joe rideout he says
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blockbuster went out business. the cards were ruled no good and dish bought what remained of the company. >> there was no way for anybody to know that. >> my understanding is they got approval from this from the bankruptcy court and gift cards don't have to be allowed. the new owners could choose whether to accept them but at this point they haven't indicated that. >> but they have hinted. here is what the company told 7 on your side when we asked. the new blockbuster is looking at ways to resurrect a form of the gift card. consumers with gift cards may wish to hold on them for now. >> they can't make up their minds. >> so no promises and dish did on to the b card so if there is a change, i'll make sure you know about it. i'm michael finney, 7 on your
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side. >> up next the world's oldest light bulb, 110 years old and still going strong. [ female announcer ] these are the grands! biscuits you love with dinner. and these are the ones you'll love as dinner. grandsmini pizzas. grands! biscuit dough... plus 3 ingredients make an easy dinner everyone loves. grands! mini pizzas... from pillsbury. should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with wanchai ferry? you can make it in just 14 minutes. mmmh, orange chicken. great.
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i didn't feel like going out anyway. [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer. >> reporter: welcome back to assignment 7. the world's longest burnings light bulb is celebrating it's 110th anniversary. it's been burning since 1901. >> it seems unbelievable behind
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this the ordinary veneer, a modern miracle burns kind of brightly. >> what is the difference between the burning bush and the burning bulb? >> one is flame and this one is filament. >> not just any. if we for believe it, this world famous bulb burned continually for 110 zbleers i get offended when people don't believe it. >> it is real. >> it's really old? >> really hold old. >> it's not on hoax? >> not a hoax. >> it was manufactured by shelby light company and cist to the department. it has been off for the 23 minutes it took to drive to this new station. if you look closely, fire personnel swear that it reads on. >> what happens if the bulb
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burls burns out. >> i draws visitors like these from around the world. >> do you >> do you believe it? >> this light has been on all the time? absolutely. >> it's a myth. >> they even signed books. >> those names in the book, are they real? >> yes, they are. >> the fire department put up a ladder and allowed us a closer look, this is a rare honor and privilege, one of life's great memorable moments. >> union rules and company safety policy would not allow us back there, there it is up close. in all its glory, the light bulb as you've never seen it before. >> from fire station number 6, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." >> wayne sees the light.
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if you want more information on the stories, go to our website at and look under the news links on the left side for assignment 7. that is all for this edition of assignment 7. i'm kristen sze. thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you back here next time. >> alan: the country gathers to remember the up pouring [ beep ] [ man ] you have one new message. [ mom ] hi scooter. this is mommy. the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. the vegetables are cut nice and thick... you were always good at cutting your vegetables.
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